Case Study: Expanding University Housing with Architectural Precast

October 7, 2021

Cornell University’s North Campus in Ithaca, New York, required additional housing for its first- and second-year students. Precast producer Shockey Precast brought this goal to life, leading a community-within-a-community project that introduced various buildings to Cornell’s residential campus and gave students 2,000 more beds to choose from during their education, along with dining facilities and recreational space.

The North Campus Residential Expansion (NCRE) Project

Shockey Precast and the rest of the project team had to work around existing construction and aesthetic properties along with a tight schedule for completion. They opted for a cost-effective precast barrier wall system embellished with terra cotta tiles that achieved the university’s visual objectives, scheduling demands, and long-term service life needs.

See how the project team achieved and exceeded Cornell University’s expectations from design details to on-track and on-budget timelines in a free case study from the PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

Cornell_ThumbWhat’s Inside:

  • The project’s key details, including the scope, timeline, and team members
  • The strategic approach to meeting innovative aesthetic and enhanced durability goals
  • The results and how precast contributed to a core element of Cornell’s campus

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Download the case study to see how precast’s inherent versatility provided a robust foundation for students at Cornell University.

“For both of these extraordinary Cornellians, we wanted to create a memorial that would be seen by, and have its doors open to, any person at Cornell, reminding all of our Cornell students, not just those in a particular field or college, that their path from Cornell can take them anywhere. The NCRE will mark a new chapter in residential life at Cornell, revitalizing and in many ways reinventing the student experience here.” -Martha E. Pollack, President, Cornell University

Upon completion of the NCRE in August 2022, Cornell will be able to provide intentional, steady support to 100% of its first- and second-year on-campus students, who choose to attend the university. By blending living and learning through beautiful residential spaces, the NCRE has become a core element of Cornell’s complete student experience.


By using precast concrete, the NCRE project team met critical design goals while also staying on schedule. Precast is a versatile, economic building material that will give Cornell University students a robust foundation for thriving inside and outside of the classroom.

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