Create Your Own COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

August 17, 2020

If your precast concrete organization hasn’t yet established and communicated a clear procedure for managing coronavirus as we continue to navigate the global pandemic, it’s not too late. In order to safely and effectively address COVID-19, you need to develop a comprehensive exposure control plan that protects your team, and then share the most important elements with your employees so they know exactly what to expect.

The PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter team members follow our own set of processes, measures, and best practices laid out in PCI National’s official COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan. A detailed, twenty-page document created with the help of Optimum Safety Management, the plan covers important areas that your organization’s own exposure control guide should include.

  • A list of common signs and symptoms for identifying COVID-19 infection
  • Clear and detailed action steps that team members should take if infected
  • Company rules and measures for limiting the spread of disease in the workplace
  • Hygiene rules and best practices that team members must follow
  • A list of the team members who will supervise the plan’s effectiveness
  • The tactics used to evaluate employee health statuses in the workplace
  • Guidelines for implementing hazard control before, during, and after an outbreak
  • Company policies for employee medical information and recordkeeping
  • A comprehensive checklist tool for training team members to execute the plan

In an effort to assist our members, PCI Mid-Atlantic is sharing this exposure control plan document as a resource that you can use to write and implement a valuable plan of your own.

Download PCI’s Plan

As you work on developing this essential document for your team, feel free to get in touch with us to ask any questions you have along the way or access our daily employee survey, an additional tool that can keep your company safe moving forward.



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