Designing Impressive Commercial & Mixed-Use Buildings with Precast

January 21, 2021

Commercial and mixed-use projects have complex requirements that necessitate a building material that can do it all. That’s where precast concrete comes into play. Its many benefits, including aesthetic versatility, speed of construction, and long service life, make precast an easy choice, and its design flexibility enables construction teams to adhere closely to a myriad of specifications.

Precast concrete comes in a range of finishes and styles, serves various forms and functions, and meets long-term demands of high-performance structures. From multi-modal transportation centers to hotels and convention centers, precast concrete is the prime choice for successfully meeting the goals of architects and designers while maintaining strength and durability through time.

We’ll explore what makes precast concrete the right choice of building material for complex construction, so you can determine if it’s right for your next project. To learn more about precast concrete in commercial and mixed-use buildings, watch the video below.


Versatile, Efficient & Resilient

Precast concrete is a versatile building material that enables manufacturers to produce any appearance desired while remaining cost-efficient. That’s why it is the choice over all other materials for office buildings, convention centers, meeting facilities, mixed-use buildings, multi-story developments, and more.

Manufactured off-site in a quality-controlled facility and then transported and erected at its final location, precast concrete increases efficiency in several key areas. It increases construction speed, limits the number of people required on job sites, reduces construction complexity, and increases energy efficiency.

Precast is also inherently durable and meets multi-hazard requirements, protecting employees and occupants from natural events while meeting high-performance demands for a long service life.

Ability to Meet Unique Requirements

Precast concrete is a strategic material used in many mixed-use building projects since they require the integration of spaces with conflicting requirements, such as parking garages and residential facilities. With precast, construction teams can tick all of the boxes for architects and designers, creating spaces that meet unique needs in form and function.

Precast concrete can be used as a part of the structural system, thereby reducing redundancy and increasing usable floor space. It enables buildings to have large open spaces and better sightlines typical in many building applications due to its inherent strength and structural adaptability. And precast improves acoustics and provides sound insulation critical to hospitality and multi-residential housing.

Learn More About Precast, Prestressed Concrete

Review the benefits of precast, prestressed concrete in the video above and share it with your industry peers and clients to spread awareness of this innovative material.

Interested in learning more about precast and how the precasters of the PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter support projects of all kinds? Explore the PCI Mid-Atlantic Solutions Center for helpful resources and get in touch with PCI-MA for precast information, higher education partnerships, and more.



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