Two Must-Have Resources for Precast Concrete Transportation Projects

May 5, 2021

Precast, prestressed concrete is the composite material of choice for many transportation agencies across the country in their work on bridges, parking garages, and other transportation-related structures. Countless transportation projects benefit from precast concrete and construction methods like accelerated bridge construction (ABC).

The Precast, Prestressed Concrete Institute offers a variety of helpful project resources for designers, contractors, and producers involved in transportation projects, from design manuals to webinars and courses. With access to the organization’s Body of Knowledge and this large library of online content, PCI members have everything they need to stay updated on all things precast in the transportation industry.

To supplement your professional growth and start bookmarking go-to information sources specific to transportation work, take a look at these two important resources first.

The PCI Transportation Publications & Online Resources Catalog

Instead of diving headfirst into everything that PCI has to offer, browse the catalog PCI made for its collection of transportation resources. This twenty-page catalog provides a convenient overview of the organization’s transportation reference manuals, handbooks, reports, guides, and on demand eLearning webinars and courses. Publications are categorized by topic and include both physical books and free PDFs. Download the catalog to add some new tools to your transportation toolbox.

Download Catalog

The PCI Mid-Atlantic Producer Member Transportation Product Directory

Mid-Atlantic projects utilize several different precast components in bridge superstructures and substructures and transportation-related projects. This resource is particularly valuable for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals in the region looking for project partners. The directory of PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter producer members lists products they manufacture including bridge components, piling, precast substructures, and products like traffic barriers, retaining walls, and pavement slabs. It also shares company websites and contact information to facilitate collaboration. Download the directory to discover the specialties of Mid-Atlantic precast producers and strike up a conversation today.

Download Directory



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