Summer Meeting 2022 Keynote Recap | PCI-MA

September 20, 2022

Andy Christiansen, best-selling author, Forbes Certified Business Coach, and Leadership Instructor for the US Air Force, was the keynote speaker at the PCI Mid-Atlantic Summer Membership Meeting. Andy spoke to 125 member representatives about workforce development.

The precast, prestressed concrete construction industry is no stranger to workforce challenges. In his talk, Andy presented a proven model validated by small- and medium-sized companies to recruit new employees. His three-part approach includes specific initiatives that, while simple on the surface, require dedicated time, energy, and resources to ensure a firm is fully staffed. When executed effectively, the model works well.

Proven Three-Part Recruitment Model:

  1. Appoint a dedicated hiring promoter and company ambassador
    Ensure this individual contacts the candidate within an hour of receiving an application or employment inquiry. Always, always show appreciation for their interest.
  2. Set clear expectations on your minimum pay or pay range
    Know the living wage for your area. Note that everything—including paid holidays, paid time off, and other benefits—should be included in discussions about compensation.
  3. Establish company culture through mindset, community, and performance
    Connect with co-workers and the community for lifelong learning opportunities and career advancement. This ensures you’ll attract prospects and make employees want to stay.

Andy is no stranger to the precast world. He was the keynote speaker for The Productivity Tour in 2017 after working with the PCI leadership team in Chicago. He partners with us to help inform our recruitment strategy and best practices.

Review the entirety of his speech, "Hiring Made Simple" as he presented it to the PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter below. Watch Here:


Are you looking for job opportunities in the construction industry?

As a professional in the precast space, your work helps create our nation’s infrastructure through sustainable buildings and bridges made with one of the most durable materials available in construction.

The precast space affords many opportunities for advancement to construct a long, rewarding career in several fields, including carpentry, project management, and engineering. As a fast-growing industry, precast is looking to welcome talented employees and leaders and offer full-time jobs with fair compensation, full benefits, year-round work, and entry-level roles that start at $15–20 an hour based on experience and producer location.

Ready to learn more? Browse our Career Center for more details and reach out to the PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter for any specific questions you may have about building a career in precast.



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