Workforce FAQ: Benefits of Working in Precast

March 22, 2022

Exploring a career in precast concrete construction? Welcome to the PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s blog series dedicated to educating and empowering those new to the industry with quick answers to your most pertinent questions. In Part 1 of this series, we discuss general benefits of working in precast.


Are careers in precast concrete construction seasonal only?
No, job opportunities in precast construction are full-time and year-round—rain or shine. Due to the nature of precast being prefabricated in an indoor factory environment, production jobs are required 365 days a year. There are also several fields, including carpentry, project management, and engineering, among others—which means you can work in or out of the office, depending on your position.

Do I need to have related experience?
While experience is important and required for some roles, it isn’t always necessary. When browsing positions on the Workforce Career Center, you can see requirements before even applying. In each role, you’ll be joined by industry professionals who are more than willing to share insights and lead you to success on the job. There’s great value in continuous growth. If you work hard, you’ll be greeted with endless professional opportunities.

Are there a lot of job openings?
Yes, the construction industry at large has witnessed a decline in its workforce since the pandemic. This means there are hundreds of companies waiting to give people like you the opportunity to work, thrive, and make money. Plus, even if a position that fits your unique talent isn’t listed, it’s worth applying. Professionals in precast will make room for the right people on their team.

Does it pay well?
Entry-level roles start at $15/hour. With a certain level of experience, positions start at $20/hour. To learn more about specific job openings, salaries, and benefits, please contact a precast manufacturer near you.

What are the benefits?
Our business partners offer generous compensation packages, often including competitive pay, healthcare benefits, 401(k) retirement savings, paid vacation and holidays, tuition reimbursement, boot allowances, continuing education and professional memberships, and more.

Why a career in precast concrete construction?
Working in our industry allows you to build products and work for businesses that contribute to our nation’s infrastructure. Our buildings and bridges last; they’re sustainable, durable, and beautiful, and you’ll always be proud of the final product. There’s a bright future for precast, and there’s a bright future for you.

Continue exploring a career in precast on our Workforce Career Center where you’ll find helpful tools, detailed industry information, and opportunities to meet with professionals. Reach out with any further questions, and stay tuned for the next FAQ blog in this series.



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