Precast 101: Get Familiar with Precast, Prestressed Concrete

March 22, 2021

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or engineer, you’ve likely heard about precast concrete, especially due to its growing popularity in the construction industry. Precast is a versatile building material that offers many significant benefits to project teams, building owners, and space occupants. Before you decide to stick with the techniques you’ve always used, familiarize yourself with precast, prestressed concrete, and see how it can benefit your next project and enhance every build thereafter.

We’ll dig into what precast concrete is and the big benefits it delivers. To learn more about how you can get started using precast for your next project, read our eBook below.

eBook_ThumbnailWhy Precast Concrete?

No matter what design your team conceives, precast concrete can translate that design into reality. Incorporating various aesthetic, performance, and functional attributes makes each precast bridge, building, or parking structure a custom fit. 

100-year life cycles have become the rule rather than the exception. Precast concrete structures can accommodate change easily and economically with the appropriate choice of interior systems and access floors for connectivity. An open floor plan provides building owners with a flexible interior that can accommodate an array of building scenarios in the future.

The Big Benefits of Precast Concrete


Precast concrete is known for its structural and aesthetic versatility. Any façade treatment is possible. From pigmentation to sandblasting and acid etching, engineers can align with designers to achieve a unique look and feel for every building. When it comes to functionality, precast checks off every box. It provides the insulation, continuous air barriers, and vapor barriers required for applications like office buildings, schools, multi-family residences, mixed-use facilities, and more.


Since precast concrete is fabricated in a controlled environment, the team bypasses inclement weather delays and other construction disruptions. The precast components are delivered to the job site just in time and ready for immediate placement, speeding up construction and reducing the risk of injuries and potential OSHA violations.


Structures made from precast concrete also share the durability required to withstand decades of service, harsh and corrosive environments, and destructive events like storms and fires. Precast further secures occupants’ comfort and well-being with continuous insulation and better thermal performance. Even with such long-term reliability, precast structures still offer easy, cost-effective maintenance.

Why More People Are Choosing Precast

The precast concrete market is growing, with more stakeholders in the construction supply chain choosing precast as their desired building material every day. Why? People are becoming increasingly aware of the big benefits associated with precast builds. In recent years, there has also been a shift in focus to sustainability, which precast delivers through locally sourced raw materials, less site disturbance and waste, minimal maintenance, and long service life.

Learn more about how you can apply precast concrete to your next project by downloading the full eBook. Discover the endless possibilities of precast and why more and more people are choosing it for their projects.

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